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Invite investors and prospects to your own secure portal

Raise Funds Faster - Automate Your Fundraising!

Streamline the capital raising process with an online deal room

Here’s how we’ll help your team close deals faster, build long term relationship with prospects, and track everything in one place ...

Raise Funds Faster With Your Own Portal

With a branded portal integrated directly into your website, investors and prospects can securely view current offerings and investments.

Update Your Website Without IT

Integrate Update Capital into your website, so you'll never have to manually enter new offerings and sold properties information again.

Get Your Deals in Front of the Right People

Update Capital was designed to work great with prospects as well as your existing investors, friends, and family.

Share Offerings in a Matter of Minutes

Capture leads using automatically-created landing pages that encourage investor sign-up with virtually no work on your end.

Engage Investors with Email Campaigns

Reach out using our built-in, personalized email updates and campaigns to keep everyone up to date and track whether your messages have been received.

Automate Your Fundraising

Streamline the capital raising process with an online hub for all your shared documents and records so your team members and investors stay connected.

Need a new website entirely?

Our all-in-one public website with a fully integrated with our investor portal, letting you focus on real estate.

Use Your Own Domain

Update Capital is accessible with a domain of your choice, e.g. https://investors.yourname.com. Link to your own domain for a seamless, branded experience.

Custom Disclaimer

Require your investors and prospects to agree to your custom terms & conditions upon login.

Talk to a Product Expert

We can show you how to take your investor relations to the next level