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JEM Holdings
JEM Holdings Logo

New York-based firm with $1B in AUM uses Update Capital to streamline reporting, boost professional perception, and avoid errors.

AUM $1 Billion
7,000 Units
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Avistone Logo

A nationwide commercial real estate investment firm saves time and money with a scalable reporting solution capable of handling explosive investor growth.

AUM $200 Million
2.7M Sqft.
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Western Wealth
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Second-largest private ownership group in Phoenix, AZ uses Update Capital to delight investors and streamline communications.

AUM $2.3 Billion
13,000 Units
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Sandstone Logo

Los Angeles based, broad-spectrum investment firm uses Update Capital to market upcoming opportunities to longstanding investors and new leads alike.

AUM $650 Million
70+ Investors
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Croatan Logo

A rapidly growing firm breaks into the retail alternative investment space while providing added value and service to core investors.

AUM $458 Million
100+ Investors
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ILM Logo

With over 2,000 multi-family units, ILM worked with Update Capital to provide investors with on-demand information about their investments.

2,000 + Units
80+ Employees
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"It takes me minutes to update distributions and send notifications to our investors. I love the fact that our investors have 24/7 access to their financial information in a secure, user friendly system."

Jennifer Bolen

Austin Capital Advisors

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